Παρουσίαση Έκδοσης (ξενόγλωσσης)

Adjusting to EU enlargement - Reccuring issues in a New Setting
Επιμέλεια: Constantine Stephanou
Εκδότης: Edward Elgar
Έτος Έκδοσης: 2006
Αριθμός Σελίδων: 232

Before the latest EU enlargement, substantial changes in the integration process were predicted as a result of the accession of 10 new Member States, with some forecasting cataclysmic consequences. This book, one of the first ex post assessments of EU enlargement, provides evidence to the contrary, while also providing examples in which the new Members have been able to influence EU policy output with their liberal attitudes on economic and social policy.
Contents: Introduction Part I: The New Economic Setting Part II: Governance and Cohesion of the Enlarged Union Part III: External Relations of the Enlarged Union Conclusions Index Contributors: N.C. Baltas, C. Cosgrove-Sacks, V. Curzon Price, C. Franck, M.N. Jovanovic, Y. Kalyuzhnova, P. Liargovas, N. Nugent, F. Praussello, R. Schwok, C.A. Stephanou, M. Vagliasindi, D.K. Xenakis